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The Bakari Mentoring Program accepts referrals for new youth every 4-6 months to facilitate alternating male and female cohorts or groups.  Youth are referred to the program through School Resource Officers (SROs), Principals, and Counselors, as well as Social Workers,  mental health professionals, and other community agencies who identify individuals that exhibit risk factors including poor academic achievement (including credit deficiency), truancy, juvenile delinquency and other  behavioral issues.

Once youth are referred to the Bakari Mentoring Program, the Program Director and staff interview each youth and their parent/guardian(s) as potential candidates for the program.  Upon acceptance into the program, youth are placed on a 4-week probationary period in which they show evidence of their commitment to the program and toward positive change.



Roslyn M. Caldwell, Ph.D.,​

Program Director​

"If participation in Bakari prevents ONE juvenile from entering the Criminal Justice system and/or the Social Services system, the program pays for itself. By giving an individual the tools necessary to avoid repeated incarcerations in county jail or state prison or intervention by the Department of Social Services or County Drug and Alcohol Services, we, as a County, save money in the long run and end up with a responsible contributing member of our community. Bakari is a win win situation".



                                     - The Honorable Judge Ginger E. Garrett

                                      San Luis Obispo County Superior Court

2013 Anti-Bullying Conference

​Please print, complete, and fax the following form to

(805) 636-2069 in order to be considered for the Bakari Mentoring Program. ​Please allow 7  to 14 business days for a reply.​

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