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What does the word Bakari© mean?

“One who will succeed” in Swahili.

What makes the Bakari© Program unique?

The Bakari© Program is an intensive mentoring program that facilitates personal growth and change in adolescence by providing them life skills and prosocial opportunities. The program serves as a prevention and intervention model for youth.

How successful are youth in completing the Bakari© Program?

Since expanding the program to include school districts throughout San Luis Obispo County, there has been approximately an 70% - 80% completion rate of boys and an 83% completion rate of girls.

How many  youth are accepted into the Bakari© Program?

A maximum of 25 male youth and 25 female youth are accepted into the program throughout San Luis Obispo County high schools. 


Do male and female youth participate in the Bakari© Program at the same time?


No, given that the Bakari© Program is gender specific,  males and females alternate every 6 months into the program.

What day and time is the Bakari© Program held?

Every Wednesday from 5-8 p.m., with the parent group being held from 6-7:30 p.m.

Are parent/guardian(s) required to attend the parenting classes?

In order to help facilitate positive change in youth and allow them to achieve maximum potential, parents are required to attend the parenting classes.

What are the key components of the Bakari© Program?

There are six key areas along with complementary components that include:

  • Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness

  • History

  • Relationships

  • Skill Development (i.e., anger management and conflict resolution, communication skills, career development, economic empowerment, health and wellness, and substance use/abuse)


  • Leadership

  • Community Service

  • Job Readiness, Job Shadowing & Professional Development

  • Academic Tutoring 

  • Mentoring


  • "College-Bound" Preparation & Mentoring


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